Swimming Lessons

From 06 – Swimming lessons and around the house

I signed Geneveve up this week to take advantage of the free swimming classes this week (apparently every year Pdx Pools offer free lessons the first week the pools open). It was too good an offer to turn down. I had thought of doing this before…but she’s a baby, it seemed silly to pay for lessons when she just wants to watch the other kids and splash around. We took her to the pool when she was 4 months (wide eyed wonder, followed by the earliest bedtime ever) and again at 7 months (smiled more at the kids and splashed some more). Now she is 10 months and LOVES kids and loves baths.

We started the week off at EPCC, which is a new community pool a few miles away via the highway. It’s not just new, it’s LEED certified, it uses less chlorine and super eco-friendly. The pool is awesome (I wished the slide was open!) and the class was fun; plenty of babies to interact with. But it’s indoors. And it’s summer. And hopping on the highway to go home near bedtime was not fun for either of us. Especially 5 days in a row. I don’t like having appointments or set plans since Geneveve was born, she tends to want to nap when we need to be somewhere…but we can try it for a week.

From 06 – Swimming lessons and around the house

So I switched to Creston Pool, which is really close to our house. It’s outdoors (and of course as soon as I switch the weather changed and we haven’t had a warm sunny day since) but the pool temp is the same. But there’s only 1 baby in the class who is happy to look at her mom. But there are other classes happening at the same time so Geneveve enjoys it very much. She doesn’t understand bubbles or enjoy floating on her back but loves to splash and be on her belly and kick and wave her arms about. And chase after toys. My only gripe is I wish Creston had the hot air hand dryers…it’s nice to dry Geneveve off and warm her up in the process. Even though it’s been cloudy it’s nicer to be outside (and be closer to home, last night she fell asleep as soon as we got home-7:15!)

I still think she’s too young to pay for classes but I’m glad we’re doing them. I’m learning new ways to interact with her in the water and different skills to work on. Basically it’s singing, splashing, floating and gliding along on the belly.

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