I am 99% of the way to becoming a Certified Culinarian

Today I rocked my Chef of the Day project at school. It was NOT perfect nor did everything run smoothly. But I did not cry, I stepped in and helped wrap wontons for what seemed like hours. I managed the kitchen, the front of the house made the dining room look beautiful and I had a whole 26 people eat my food and I got lots of compliments. I liked my food, but somehow, being a vegetarian I assume people won’t like it or it’s too eccentric for them. It was most people’s first time with tempeh and it went over very well. I am proud to say I made the tempeh myself, as well as the wonton skins. I adore scratch cookery. Now that I’m almost a graduate, if anyone out there wants to pay me to make them bread, saeurkraut and kombucha, drop me a line! I’m ready to manipulate culture on a larger scale!

Who would have thought the tree nerd would become a cook? I had a lot of frustration that helped me grow and test myself and I am so happy with my menu, how everything looked, and especially how it all tasted. Now I just wait until next week when I get the judges comments back.

Gorge at George

This past weekend my husband and I went to Sasquatch Festival in central Washington. It was my second time at this festival and I loved it both times, even though last year there was a freak hail storm and this year there was a freak wind storm, causing the mainstage to shut down for a few hours. But really, who cares when there’s great music on 3 stages, the Columbia River and it’s impressive gorge to stare at and great people watching to do. I love how music can bring together all types of people from the freaks to the geeks and everyone inbetween. This year there was only 2 days, apparently to be more environmentally conscious. It was fine with me b/c I had to work on Friday so we just set up camp Friday night and slept well for 2 long days outside. Life’s hard when you listen to music and nap in the grass.
So, a quick rant about their enviro-consciousness. What a great step, reduce carbon by purchasing carbon credits and reduce the 3 day festival to 2.
There were absolutely ZERO recycling bins, the garbage was overflowing and trash was everywhere. The people who were desperate enough to pay $10 for a beer weren’t going to walk all the way over to the entrance and hand their can to the one recycling tent in the whole place. That’s effort, that means missing bands, walking, possibly losing people. People don’t want to think at concerts. This recycling tent had a good idea: they were allowing people to buy stuff by turning in their cans. I got on a little kick and in an hour I had 275 cans/bottles to turn in to buy Matt a pair of organic cotton jeans. But SERIOUSLY for me to get that many cans—this was pure garbage picking. Why couldn’t there have been a recycle bin next to every garbage can? I like to think most people in our country have an instinct to recycle if the option is there in front of us. The recycle tent had good intentions but they overlooked the fact that most people were just throwing their recyclables in the garbage and didn’t care about the little tent way over there, if they even knew about it. Plus these people ran out of most of their stuff by the end of day 1. If they want to give an incentive for people to garbage pick, there should be one on day 2………… and they shut down their tent at 6pm..but the music went until midnight–so that’s 6 hours of music and drinking and eating and there is NO WHERE to recycle since they shut down. No options. That’s just stupid.
So shame on your sasquatch. Buying carbon credits is nice, but look around at the simple ways to reduce your footprint—jeez. Also, what about generating some solar power off that giant roof that is the main stage? We’re practically in a desert with plenty of sun. Harness that mother! I saw for the first time windmills in the distance, get in on that!

Enough of my rant, let’s talk music.
Saturday we enjoyed Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys, I was introduced to Ozomatli who totally rocked–think reggae latin world beats with horns! Viva Voce was kinda wah wah indie style……….. which I only have so much patience for. We left that stage to check out Electrelane and they were great: 3 indie rocker girls: bass, keyboards and drums. Really unique style. Manu Chao was by far the best show of the day. Nonstop dancing. Manu is so cute in his late 90′s european fashions and he has soo much energy. He pumped the crowd up more than Arcade Fire could even hope to. Bjork was fun and kooky and very entertaining, but it was 11pm and I was falling asleep. Has she ever been on Sesame Street? I think she should do something with the muppets. She’d fit right in. I loved watching her dance to her own music. Her heart was right out there on her poncho.

Sarah Silverman was the host but I think she introduced 2 bands and I never saw her again. I don’t think she even came on stage on Sunday. They promoted her so seriously and there was no mc replacement. Either that was her act or she’s a total bitch. Either way, I don’t care.

Sunday was the day of the winds so we had to pick and choose the last few artists and missed Interpol and most of the Beastie Boys to see Michael Franti with Spearhead and it was worth every second. He has a great stage presence the music is great and he’s political! His messages were great and the whole crowd danced. That’s my kind of concert. The other performers who stuck out to me were Smoosh, two teenage sisters with their own indie punk grrl style and Blackalicious with fun freestyling tunes and a great beat.

This concert always has an amazing lineup and the venue is the best that I’ve ever been to, despite hail and wind–it’s always worth it.