Ear Infection and broken finger

From Best of April

Geneveve has her first ear infection and is being a trooper.
I have updates on her but it will have to wait as i have broken my finger! So don’t expect lengthy emails or letters for awhile.

From Starred Photos

But life is good despite these bumps. She’s crawling quickly now and pulling up to standing easily. She loves avocados and potatoes. She thinks sneezing and laughing is hilarious. She is fascinated by beards and arm hair. She loves to splash in water. She still hates long car rides. She’s very friendly and will greet other babies or crawl in other moms laps. She’s into tunnels and finding tight spaces to squeeze through. She loves music (except jazz, but is tolerating it more) and is babbling more every day. She’s awesome at blowing raspberries. And I think that first tooth is coming through right now but she won’t let me feel for it!

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