Snowshoe Commuting

Who needs a car?

We are having record snow in this city that owns no plows.  It’s beautiful, fluffy snow and has encouraged us to better insulate the house.  Last weekend we spent most of the day putting up the shrink plastic over our single paned windows and Matt put up insulation under the dining room floor.  I think I can feel a difference already, and just in time.

It’s been snowing everyday for almost a week now, making it a little unsafe to ride my bike to work (and now unsafe to drive.  It’s currently illegal to drive in Portland without chains on your tires).  I’m glad I only live a mile away because walking has been pleasant until the snow started piling up.  Matt had a snow day today, but my store stays open because when it snows, people want to go to the store and get food.  Today I dug out my snowshoes and happily trod to work among a slew of other people on foot, snowshoe or skis.  I love how our neighborhood so easily adapts to the change.  It’s great to see a lot of other people on skis/snowboards.

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