We have returned!

We have arrived back on our native soil.  The flight was fine, except for the second security check before getting on the plane in San Jose (and it was NOT thorough and a disruption of our movie watching) and the lack of a meal without pig on the plane.  We packed food and were fine, but seriously, the options were pasta with ham or chicken with ham.  We requested a veg meal and they told us they don’t do ANY dietary requests.  Well, we have returned to a country that sometimes cares about customer service and attempting to garner repeat business.

And it is nice to return to something familiar.  I remember being homesick while is Spain, but this is a completely different situation.  We aren’t having too much reverse culture shock and the biggest thing I have to retrain myself to do is to flush toilet paper.  I keep looking around for the bin.  It’s nice to wash my hands with soap and not fear intestinal anger.  There are things I miss about Peru, and it was a great experience, but right now I am enjoying being able to walk barefoot, stretch out on a couch and see family and friends again.

We’re spending some time in Florida, working on our awesome tans.  Our plan after this is undecided as of yet.  We’re thinking of looking for jobs in Portland, Oregon and see what happens.  It’s smaller than Seattle, has a really foodie vegan scene and tech jobs, so there will be room for us to grow and learn there.

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